About Us

Ida Knox is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s Distinguished Majors Program in Chinese Language and Literature. Her research has primarily been based in comedic female writings of the early twentieth century in Shanghai. She also minored in philosophy, which is how she gains most of her employment opportunities. She has spent her last two years since graduating in China, working in Education, first in rural Yunnan as a Teaching Fellow with Teach for China and then in Shanghai as an Educational Consultant with BE Education. During her time in Yunnan she taught elementary school, worked on community projects, and practiced ping pong regularly. Ida enjoys philosophical debate, introspective writing, and bad jokes.


Dylan Kolhoff graduated with Honors from the College of William & Mary with a major in International Relations. He wrote his honors thesis on territorial disputes and the effect trade, culture and institutions can have on their peaceful or violent resolutions, so he has found living in China a fascinating real-life incarnation of some of his research. He, too, has spent his last two years in China, first as a Teaching Fellow in rural Yunnan with Teach for China and then as an Educational Consultant in Shanghai with BE Education. In his free time, Dylan is an avid traveler, reader, and strategy board gamer. Dylan is currently a student at Yale Law School.

Ida and Dylan first met as they began their fellowships with Teach for China. Through their wide-ranging experience in Chinese education and their on-the-ground experience with Teach for China, Ida and Dylan became intimately familiar with the types of societal problems NGOs are trying to alleviate as well as some of the difficult challenges they face in the process. This, along with their mutual interest in international law, spurned their interest in NGOs that ultimately spawned On the Ground, which is currently based in Shanghai, China.